About Us

Advanced Automotive is a family owned company that specializes in Automotive aftermarket category management. Based in Laverton Noth, Victoria, we are able to service retail and trade accounts Australia wide.

Through alliances with leading automotive brands such as Narva, Britax, Projecta, Aunger, Ryco, Trico, Nulon, Tridon and many others, Advanced Automotive has been able to tailor automotive categories to the needs of the individual store whether it be a single bay or a complete automotive section.

Strategies implemented by Advanced Automotive ensure stores are able to maximize their average sale. This is achieved by having the right product at the right price as well as a range that allows you to add-on and up-sell.

Having the range in your store is only the beginning as Advanced Automotive is committed to ensuring stock sells through the store with the help of P.O.S. material and eye catching displays.

Because we are committed to having the correct stock levels in store at all times, we do not implement a minimum order amount. Additionally, we strive for overnight delivery and an in full rate of 95%.

The first step to a profitable automotive category is to determine the amount of space you are able to allocate to your automotive section. Advanced Automotive can then custom a category to suit your needs and budget, whether it be a single bay or a complete section. Advanced Automotive will design a layout that provides you with leading brands that are proven performers in the automotive retail market. Our product range and mix allows you to maximize sales opportunities and gives sales staff the confidence to sell a complete automotive range.

Our expertise in the broader automotive market ensures you have the right products at the right price points. Our philosophy is simple, the more successful you are the more successful we are.

To that end, we have an ongoing commitment to ensuring automotive products continue to sell through your store. We will continually update you on trends in the retail market, the latest product releases, as well as effective P.O.S and merchandising that allows the customer ease of purchase.